Tuesday, March 06, 2007

WSUS on SBS 2003

For those of you who don't know what WSUS is, it stands for Windows Server Update Services. In a network where you have a lot of pc's, this makes Microsoft Updates easier and faster especially when you have 25 pc's downloading the same update 25 different times. The updates are syncronized with a WSUS server and distributed from there. When Automatic Update runs on the clients, a GPO tells them to use the local WSUS server instead of downloading from the web.

I took a look at this package about 2 years ago but at that time the company I worked for was using a workgroup so I could not use the software the way it was designed. Today I will be using a Microsoft article to setup WSUS on an SBS 2003 server, which I will post a link to here for you to see.

SUS which is WSUS's predecessor will not be supported by Microsoft after July 10, 2007 so if you are using this technology, you will want to upgrade to the latest. By then WSUS 3.0 will be released and will support an even broader range of products.