Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cannot Access CompanyWeb After Installing 948110

If you're like me and have suffered with your SBS Sharepoint Companyweb not working after the 948110 SQL update, take a look at this as a possible solutions.

My customer had SBS 2003 R2 Premium with SQL 2005 installed but we never upgraded the Sharepoint from MSDE. The update that was installed broke my customers site, like so many others. All the info I read on the web and at the SBS Blogs said to "Perform the upgrade again to SQL Server 2000..." so instead of going through all that, I figured I would just upgrade the MSDE to SQL 2005 for Sharepoint. Thanks to the wonderful M&M's for publishing this article on how to upgrade Sharepoint to SQL 2005. It worked like a charm and I am now able to get back to my companyweb.