Friday, July 18, 2008

Smart Phone's not syncing? Activesync Support Code: 0x85010005

If you ever have a Windows Smart Phone stop syncing all of a sudden, here is something you might want to look in to.

I have a customer that uses smart phones on Verizon and syncs wirelessly to their SBS Exchange using OMA. Two days ago it stopped working out of the blue. What was weird was they have multiple phones and some worked and some didn't. There was no explanation. There were no updates or applications installed on the server for a few weeks. The ones that did not work would time out with a 0x85010005 error. After many hours of research and not finding any good information I decided to call Microsoft Support.

A few more hours later we finally figured it out. For some reason there was a service that was installed at some point called FAMv4 which was a FAMv4 mini-filter driver. It is a part of the ScriptLogic FileSystem Auditor Service. The support rep said there had been many calls with the same issue and they had found that this service was blocking http requests on the server. The key is located at HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/FAMv4. The entry you want to change is Start. The default value is 1. If you change it to 4, it will turn off the filter. Once that is done, reboot.

Seems the filter was blocking our phone connections to the OMA. Why it started all of a sudden I will never know.

I searched Microsoft's Support site and found no KB about this, so I hope anyone that has this issue happen can benefit from the many hours I spent on the phone.